Thank you….

A reminder after 10 days. I still feel the same way. Thank you 😁🙌

You were right - the way the breakup happened was motivating factor to get back. To get back to the displined hard-working mindset I had in my 20s + new stronger follow through skills (and writing down my goals) I 'copied' or learned from you, led me to where I’m now, and I’m sure would lead me to more and more...So thank you for that.

Your presence in my life was the last missing piece (or course) to "graduate" to the path of the life I had always dreamt of. In a way I also needed the heartbreak to add self-love to my self-awarness to be a secure and confident partner.

And after I saw you and the new guy, any insecurity (and jealousy) I might had left evaporated. Seeing you together also made the breakup tangible and real. It served me well. It served as the closure that I have long wanted and waited for.

And if you never realize you were wrong about how you thought and treated me after the breakup, or you never understand what was my real value to your life...or even never respond to me; today finally I can say confidently, I will be perfectly fine with that...

Have a good life always, Shan



To leave it with you having your beautiful smile

Always wishing you the best

Dating & Relationship Coach. Deep interest in Social Psychology, FinTech, Deep Tech, and Quant Finance Nerd

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