It is hard to imagine that it has been 107 days since we had a conversation. 103 days since you told me do not contact me for 3 months. Every night and every day my mind has been occupied by how things reached this point between us. Yes, I was wrong for how I reacted but then I am also human.

I give myself points for not completely losing my mind, considering also the pandemic lockdown.

Like I said I made mistakes that I apologized for. Some I deeply regret, and others I was wrong, but I understand where I was coming from.

Like with Walmart. Imagine you get the audit letter, and you reach out, and I send a message saying that a document that has your signature on for EXECUTIVE OPERATIONAL role for a PROFITABLE BUSINESS have nothing to do with your TAXES.

Wouldn't you be furious? And cut ties between you and my business with Walmart?

And even so, after I cleared it out, I went out of my way to make up for it.

I even reached out to a Walmart director again saying that I completely and unequivocally vouched for you.

I contacted former colleagues to put you on both Walmart Canada, and Rakuten. I created a group chat promoting your ETSY store. And still, I do not hear anything back from you. The only thing you did is to create a sale to benefit from the extra inbound traffic without even saying thank you.

I assume now that your sales are not where they should be, right? It breaks my heart every day that I am stopping from helping you.

Many mornings I copy paste your Etsy store link to me multiple chat threads but then I think how you could be thinking of me as a sucker again.

Even with your dad. I called him. We talked. He gave me his word that he will call back. A man-to-man word. Your dad is honorable guy. So, it must be something bad, really bad you said about me to him that made him not get back to me. It breaks my heart because me and him had that heart-to-heart talk in Mexico after our fight, I really felt as if he also my dad.

I really respect and his opinion of me matters tons.

I still consider flying down there to talk to him man to man and tell him of the piece of sh*t that your daughter has concluded I am. I would give my life to her, no question.

Not even a hesitation. I had a dream the other day that some active shooter started shooting at people, and I jumped on you to cover your body fully. I took all the bullets in my back and I died but I did not wake up from a nightmare. The dream continues with me looking at you from above seeing you happy and safe, and I felt absolute joy, and I woke up relaxed.

I know this stuff might not mean much too you. I will say this though. Dreams and goals are great to achieve.

You can achieve but without the people who selflessly always there for you, do you think those goals and dreams sustainable without their support?

It has been 103 days

Dating & Relationship Coach. Deep interest in Social Psychology, FinTech, Deep Tech, and Quant Finance Nerd

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