I’m getting heavily recruited for a Sr. Director to VP role (in talks) at late stage/series F company. I can pick SF, LA or NY, with half of each week remote-arrangement. Now I’m in a pickle, since the recruiting manager is an INSEAD who’s for some reason is a fan. He likes my seeking alpha and some LinkedIn articles. Should I forfeit my equity with Airspace? The startup is Fintech related and plans an IPO very soon. So if there’s CFO leaves, I can be a CFO of a public company that trades on the NYSE or Nasdaq!! But that’s not completely up to me too.

This is the kind of topics; this is one of many topics that I enjoyed and trusted talking about with you, and only you.

I don’t understand what’s going on. Is it fear or lack of ability to communicate effectively? A cultural thing/fear 'Mark is related to the government; it’s danger to respond to Mark’? Or is it because it was a major relationship, and you were the dumper, and you want to maintain and enhance that power by showing that you can strongly put and maintain an 'iron curtain’? (This last one; I openly tell anyone who props beyond how’s Shan, by me answering she broke it off. I don’t mind at all to say it. In fact, it makes me more endearing, and immediately enhance my reputation that I am someone who likes to be long-term relationships).

Non of those reasons, or others, are worth it. At all...

Also, I absolutely need an answer on the operational manager role you assigned me last year. It absolutely ABSOLUTELY essential that you respond on. It takes a lot of strength to be patient and try to resolve an issue like that directly with you, despite your lack of communication. PLEASE PLEASE respond ASAP. I don’t want it to reach to the point that we have to involve lawyers between us.

Dating & Relationship Coach. Deep interest in Social Psychology, FinTech, Deep Tech, and Quant Finance Nerd

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