Come on Shan. Come on beautiful. It will be one less thing for me to worry about. You haven’t been fair to me since October for reasons God only knows. Your attitude toward me shifted over night. I am thinking of making a big move and I want to settle all these lingering stuff to clear my head and everything to have a fresh start. That would include me and Dino running a fund together! Do you see how exciting that could be? This or the other role, or even staying with my current role doesn’t require me to be tied anywhere. In fact, I am in L.A. (Marina del Rey, which now is my favorite place in California, have you been.. You should check it out). I can be in Miami or Mexico or Bali. Life is exciting! Right?

But again, this continues to be unnecessary reminder of what is still unbelievable and unimaginable to me.

A couple of days ago I had a prescription sent accidentally to Walgreens @ 1301 market, and I had to wait till almost their closing time 8pm because I know you don't run errands or go to Walgreens when its cold at night. I don't know what you would accuse me of, and I didn't want to take a chance.

I keep thinking why did it have to reach to this point.

Now I keep stalling as much as I can not to go in a direction I never imagined you and I would be in.

I promised my lawyer since Tuesday to send him all the documents and I keep hesitating the last minute.

I myself starting to become expert on immigration because of this.

But it doesn't make any sense why you wouldn't respond to very simple questions if your intentions are legit toward me!

I keep lying to myself that you just didn’t get to it yet; a question of time, that’s all. But who am I kidding!

Dating & Relationship Coach. Deep interest in Social Psychology, FinTech, Deep Tech, and Quant Finance Nerd

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