#1 Self-acceptance

The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”-Mark Twain

You listed me as an operational manager on Millennials-in-Motion.

  • How long did you put the term of the role was?
  • What was the capacity of the role
  • And any arrangements you might or might not listed?

Here are the 2 scenarios I am currently facing:

  1. If I file my taxes this year, and I don’t mention this role (after my audit), and then your document that you filled with another Federal agency falls while listing me as an operational manager in the hands of the IRS, I would get in serious trouble with them.
  2. If I file and I mention the role, without giving any further…

Mark Castellani

Dating & Relationship Coach. Deep interest in Social Psychology, FinTech, Deep Tech, and Quant Finance Nerd

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