#1 Self-acceptance

The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”-Mark Twain

Once you start accepting yourself, you become more spontaneous and natural.

Self-acceptance is what allows you both to be authentic. You both can finally relax, and allow more of the inner, real you to be seen.

And naturally, your partner then feels accepted. …

You meet someone. They are genuinely interested in you, so they get your attention. You tease each other. You go on dates. You start talking exclusive. You both decide to give it a chance.

The fun part and the secure feeling of a relationship. You become yourself in front of them, and they do too. You feel they charm you rather than you charm them, and they feel you charm them rather than they do charm you. You Becoming more secure. They do something gross in front of you; you scold them, but then you go laugh about it somewhere…

Thank you….

A reminder after 10 days. I still feel the same way. Thank you 😁🙌

You were right - the way the breakup happened was motivating factor to get back. To get back to the displined hard-working mindset I had in my 20s + new stronger follow through skills (and writing down my goals) I 'copied' or learned from you, led me to where I’m now, and I’m sure would lead me to more and more...So thank you for that.

Your presence in my life was the last missing piece (or course) to "graduate" to the path of the…

Come on Shan. Come on beautiful. It will be one less thing for me to worry about. You haven’t been fair to me since October for reasons God only knows. Your attitude toward me shifted over night. I am thinking of making a big move and I want to settle all these lingering stuff to clear my head and everything to have a fresh start. That would include me and Dino running a fund together! Do you see how exciting that could be? This or the other role, or even staying with my current role doesn’t require me to be…

On the tax thing, for the hundreds time, it’s a simple ask.

You listed me as an operational manager on Millennials-in-Motion.

  • How long did you put the term of the role was?
  • What was the capacity of the role
  • And any arrangements you might or might not listed?

Here are the 2 scenarios I am currently facing:

  1. If I file my taxes this year, and I don’t mention this role (after my audit), and then your document that you filled with another Federal agency falls while listing me as an operational manager in the hands of the IRS, I would get in serious trouble with them.
  2. If I file and I mention the role, without giving any further…

I’m getting heavily recruited for a Sr. Director to VP role (in talks) at late stage/series F company. I can pick SF, LA or NY, with half of each week remote-arrangement. Now I’m in a pickle, since the recruiting manager is an INSEAD who’s for some reason is a fan. He likes my seeking alpha and some LinkedIn articles. Should I forfeit my equity with Airspace? The startup is Fintech related and plans an IPO very soon. So if there’s CFO leaves, I can be a CFO of a public company that trades on the NYSE or Nasdaq!! …

God, reward this woman in wealth, goals, peace of mind and family according to her true intentions toward me, when and since she began thinking about ending our relationship.

God, you see the hearts and all the conversations that was said about me.

God, I know that you do not just let things to happen because I want to, but because you see the best interest for me.

"To everything there's a season, and time to every purpose...A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to cast away." …


It is hard to imagine that it has been 107 days since we had a conversation. 103 days since you told me do not contact me for 3 months. Every night and every day my mind has been occupied by how things reached this point between us. Yes, I was wrong for how I reacted but then I am also human.

I give myself points for not completely losing my mind, considering also the pandemic lockdown.

Like I said I made mistakes that I apologized for. …

You are very wrong about me now. You maybe allowing unfounded assumptions to scare you away. Think of it. I understand and empathize with you; yet it’s very hard to be okay with it. Again, your assumptions, no matter what they are, if they’re causing you to continue to act in such a way, they are wrong. And I’m confident in that.

You choosing to forgive or not is a choice.

In other more happy news, I successfully cut my adderral dose to 10mg a day; that’s 1/2 a pill a day, and I skip Sundays. …

If I add it all up and my knowledge of how you think, it is quite possible you are thinking 'I may respond after I have completely secured my perfect husband.'

You may think that would put you in a position of positivity and strength, relative to me, before you engage again with me.

Here is the thing, or a quote "A lot of people are practicing emotional avoidance and call it positive mindset.". You know that I know you very well. I do not claim to be a God who knows it all.


Dating & Relationship Coach. Deep interest in Social Psychology, FinTech, Deep Tech, and Quant Finance Nerd

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